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Michelle Baldwin

Michelle Baldwin is a Supervisory Revenue Officer in International Field Collection, Santa Rosa California. In this role, she oversees the planning, controlling, and processing of Field Collection activities including investigations conducted for Insolvency proceedings, Decedents’ Estate, Offer in Compromise, and determining the financial responsibilities of guarantors and others who may be liable for payment of a taxpayer’s indebtedness.

Michelle is the National Key Manager for Small Business/Self Employed (SB/SE) Hiring and Training Initiative. In this capacity, she works closely with Group Managers, On-the-Job Instructors, Collection Training, and Executive staff members to ensure new Revenue Officers receive the support, resources, and tools needed to become successful in their positions.

In 2010, Michelle started her career as a Revenue Officer with the Internal Revenue Service. Prior to coming to the agency, Michelle spent several years working in the mortgage industry. Having a passion for leadership, Michelle motivates, empowers, and encourages others to excel by listening, providing support, and leading by example. She promotes a work environment where happiness, positivity, and innovation are encouraged, and employees are provided with the tools they need to be prepared, creative, and successful.

Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Sonoma State University. She lives in Sonoma County with her husband, two children - ages 7 and 10, and their yellow lab.