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Lena Sisco

CEO & Founder

The Congruency Group

Lena Sisco is a former Department of Defense (DoD) certified Military Interrogator and Naval Intelligence Officer who served in the Global War on Terror conducting hundreds of interrogations collecting high-value intelligence information to thwart terrorist attacks. She is the recipient of the Joint Service and the Navy/Marine Corps Commendation and Achievement Medals. Lena is a former TEDx speaker (My Secret to Breaking Terrorists: Detecting Deception & Rapport) and a TV personality who served as an interrogation/body language/deceptive analysis expert for three seasons on the Emmy-nominated court show called Couples Court.

Lena partnered with the International Spy Museum and is a Spy’s Eye View speaker. In 2019, she was a panelist at their prestigious annual event called Mother, Daughter, Sister, Spy, and she is featured in two Spy Museum exhibits. She is also partnered with SPYEX and participated in their annual celebrity event as an expert intelligence panelist at SPYSCAPE in NYC.

Lena is the author of Honest Answers, Interview, and Negotiation Skills to Get to the Truth, You're Lying! Secrets From an Expert Military Interrogator to Spot the Lies and Get to the Truth, and Marine Scout Snipers; True Stories from Marine Corps Snipers.

Since 2003, Lena has worked as a government civilian and contractor for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Joint Forces Command (JFC), U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Schools (MCIS), and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). She has partnered with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in human intelligence (HUMINT) Collection Activities. Since then, she has trained the DoD and federal and state law enforcement agencies in interviewing and interrogation techniques, including in-depth deceptive analysis, body language, and elicitation.

She is the CEO and founder of two companies, The Congruency Group, where the art & science of human interaction meet, and Sector Intelligence, a global company providing elite training and consulting services in elicitation and game-changing sales prospecting.

As an international keynote speaker, she speaks to audiences in various industries located around the globe. Some of her clients include the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI), the Virginia Homicide Investigators Association (VHIA), the Virginia Crime Analysis (VCANN), Texas Crime Stoppers, The Collaborative Rehab Council, the Alliance Safety Council, Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards, accountants, auditors, aerospace professionals, realtors, sales associates, consultants and more.

Lena has numerous leadership certifications; Organizational Change Management, Discovery Learning Institute's Change Style Indicator, Change Navigator, and Power + Systems Organizational Workshop. In June 2020, she received her certificate in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University. She holds numerous instructor certifications, is certified in Instructional Systems Design for curriculum development and continues to train government agencies and law enforcement in leadership competencies.

Lena received her Master of Arts degree in Old World Archaeology and Art from Brown University in 1997 and excavated overseas in Italy and Greece. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from the University of Rhode Island in 1993 and conducted a field school in San Salvador. She has been volunteering as a specialist in animal care and animal educational programs at zoos and museums since 2010. In her spare time, she is either sailing or traveling.