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Jala Attia, CFE, AHFI, CHC

Jala Attia, CFE, AHFI, CHC, President of Integrity Advantage, has two decades of experience in health care fraud, waste and abuse detection, investigation and program oversight. Attia has served in various investigative and leadership roles at state, health plan and technology vendors where she built industry-leading SIU teams, and directed the strategic focus of post-payment and pre-payment fraud waste and abuse applications in partnership with dozens of health payers around the country.

Attia served on the Board of Directors for the National Healthcare Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA), participated in the creation of standardized definitions for return-oninvestment still in use today, and supported several committees to promote awareness of anti-fraud education and initiatives. Attia speaks at industry conferences on a variety of topics related to health care fraud, waste and abuse.