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Harry Markopolos, CFE

Harry Markopolos received his B.A. in Business Administration from Loyola College of Maryland and graduated from Boston College with a M.S. in Finance. He earned his Chartered Financial Analyst’s designation in 1996 and his Certified Fraud Examiner’s designation in 2008. From 2002-2003 he served as the Chairman of the CFA® Society of Boston. He has also served on the boards of directors of the Boston Chapter Global Association of Risk Professionals and Boston QWAFAFEW, a quantitative finance lecture group. He was an assistant portfolio manager for Darien Capital Management in Greenwich, CT for three years, leaving to become an equity derivatives portfolio manager for Rampart Investment Management Company in Boston. In 2002 he was promoted to Chief Investment Officer, but decided to leave the industry in August 2004 to pursue fraud investigations full-time against financial services companies who cheat investors. He brings CEO and CFO orchestrated multi-billion dollar white-collar fraud cases to the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and the Securities & Exchange Commission. The Madoff case was his first major investigation, which he started in early 2000, and he’s been hooked ever since. His investigations have led to several arrests and several billion dollar plus Ponzi schemes being put into receivership. He was also involved in detecting and stopping foreign exchange back-dating frauds committed by the U.S. custody banks, saving investors billions in forex transaction costs each year. GE is his 9th case involving insurance companies committing fraud against policyholders.