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Gregory Coleman

Gregory A. Coleman, a retired FBI Special Agent, founded Coleman Worldwide Advisors. Mr. Coleman has over 25 years of financial crime and anti-money laundering investigatory experience and was widely recognized as an anti-money laundering expert among his law enforcement colleagues. Mr. Coleman's most notable investigation was of Jordan Belfort, the self-proclaimed "Wolf of Wall Street." Mr. Coleman is a recipient of the Director's Award (Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys) for Outstanding Contributions in Law Enforcement, two Quality Step Increase promotions by the FBI, and several case related cash awards.

Mr. Coleman retired from the FBI with over 25 years of experience investigating financial crimes, money laundering, and asset forfeiture. Many of his investigations involved stock market manipulations where the proceeds were laundered through offshore shell corporations and offshore bank accounts. Mr. Coleman was able to obtain banking records from numerous offshore jurisdictions by piercing the veil of secrecy.

During his tenure at the FBI, Mr. Coleman actively utilized the SAR database to both generate and supplement criminal investigations and has personally reviewed thousands of SAR filings. Mr. Coleman was the FBI's representative on a multi-agency SAR review taskforce coordinated by the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York. Mr. Coleman also acted as an informal liaison between the FBI and the financial community to provide information and education concerning financial crime matters.