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Andrew Cohen

Award-Winning Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Academic Entrepreneur, Creator of Future Traders, Investment Strategist, MBA RIA Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University, Strome College of Business

Stock and Option Valuation, Trading, Investing, Idea Generation, Simulation and Portfolio Creation, Public Speaking and Bloomberg functionality.

Andrew Cohen is an Academic Entrepreneur & Award Winning Distinguished Senior Lecturer of Finance at Old Dominion University: Creator of "Future Traders" educational trading simulation; Developer and investment strategist of the "Systematic Alpha" Model at Validea Capital; Former top Wall Street Trader and Market Maker, Public Speaker, Entsminger Fellow, and Bloomberg Expert.

Andrew was an advisor and participant in Netflix, "Madoff the Monster of Wall Street" documentary and has been a featured guest on CNBC's Power Lunch, 2008 and has done many other public speaking engagements. He was the featured guest speaker on the Excess Returns Investment Podcast, and has been interviewed as a market expert multiple times for WVEC, ABC and other TV and internet news outlets. He has been a speaker at the Williamsburg Fraud Conferences in 2018 and for Sentara Health Care in 2013 and the featured speaker for the YAD talks in 2014. Andrew has also been featured on the front cover of the Virginia Pilot and as a special guest speaker on NPR's "Hearsay" and "With Good Reason."

Andrew has also been a featured speaker for Bloomberg's first Educational Symposium in Sydney Australia, as well as Bloomberg's Educational Symposium in NYC in June of 2016 and has been an active virtual guest speaker for Bloomberg.

Andrew's academic awards include FMA's 2019 Innovative Teacher of the Year Award, ODU's 2019 University Teaching with Technology Award. He won an FIG Faculty Innovation Grant in 2018 for his innovative trading simulation, "Future Traders". He won the University Distinguished Teacher Award in 2017 while being selected as an "Entsminger" fellow. In 2015, he won the Outstanding Non-Tenure Faculty Award and was selected as the Game Day Professor for Old Dominion's football game against North Carolina.